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Don’t you just love a good dress?

  • I’m not much of a dress person. but when I do decide to wear a dress, I like to have what I like. of course so does everyone, I would think? but sometimes it’s hard to find out what kind of dress you would like to wear? Or you might not know if it will look right on you? you also might be too tall or too short and uncertain of what dresses looks better on your body frame. so I came up with this list of beautiful dresses sure to make you feel absolutely fabulously beautiful. Will start today with number #1 is the gorgeous denim dress which comes in a variety of styles. longe or short sleeves, zipper or button up, short or long dress. you can wear it for almost any occasion, this is an option if you do not wish to wear jeans, but you still want the denim effect. At number #2 is bodycon dress, it is a form-fitting dress, great for a night out. The dress shows off your assets, so it looks great on a hourglass figure. wear it with a nice pair of heels or accessories. Know we are at dress number#3 this is the sweater dress it looks beautiful on all body types, they come loose-fitting or form-fitting you can wear them with a pair of boots or sandals great for almost any occasion a very fun casual look. Now we’re stepping into number #4 is the wrap dress, which is such a beautiful flowing, loose-fitting dress that insinuates the mid waist making you appear to have an hourglass, it is more of a summertime jam dress. Looks great on most body types. Now we are at number five #5 so what can I see about this dress it is such a beautiful dress. It’s called pencil dress it is a form-fitting dress it looks great on an hourglass figure body types Or tall thin body types, a great look for a night out our business purpose. And that is my dress list. Which one was your favorite? or what dress would you bring to the table? let me know.