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Hair & Fashion

fashion and hair go together like peanut butter and jelly. you would not want to be in a beautiful outfit, and your hair be messed up. If you were to go to a fashion show, do think the models would come out with just the fashion and their hair undone? I don’t think so! Sometimes the hair brings out the outfit, anytime you have to be dressed, or  getting ready for an event, you want your hair to take that outfit to the next level. And a lot of times it does it will bring out your beautiful eyes, make your neck look longer or thinner. Or you might want to cover your ears, because you have Dumbo ears. Either way hair, & fashion go together. So I would like to discusses hairstyles and outfits, the do’s and don’ts. Say you were out taking care of  business, and you are dressed down. You might have a sweater dress on and you suddenly remember that you had a date to get to 5 minutes. Simply pin your hair up in a high bun pair it with thigh high boots and you are ready to go.  Having a good go to is key! Another fashion and hair tip is always keep an outfit in your car, bag or back pack. also bobby pins. You never know what could happen when you’re out or any mistakes you might make. But know you will have a backup plan to keep the fashion flowing. I cannot tell you how many times I have been out and something gets on my shirt, and I have no back up plan I just have to walk around in this ketchup or BBQ field shirt. applying these tips well sure to help your fashion forward days flow with ease. Let us know your tips? Or let us know what you guys think? Or what would you apply?


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Back to the Future

  • I’d I like to take a minute and acknowledge all the blast from the past!…. That being said here are a few fashionable looks I’d bring back to the future, #5 Bigbows so I chose bigbows because they are Great! yes they did abuse the big bows in the 80s ha lol. It was on everything it was like 10 bows on one outfit, and they were big gigantic ones that turned the outfit into too much really fast. But besides that, a big bow in your hair or maybe one on your outfit depending on where can make it pop! it can really take your outfit to the moon and back. At number#4 is shoulder pads, shoulder pads because I really like them in some outfits, in the 80s they had them all over and in every outfit that definitely should never ever, ever have shoulder pads but they did! But in a nice pencil dress with some sharp shoulders, it will bring your outfit to that’s nice too a night stravaganza! Number #3 is men’s pimp slip on loafers with a fish in side from the 70s. The fact that they were pimp shoes originally is pretty… shall we say different, to say the least. But the fact that you get a take your buddy everywhere you go your goldfish is pretty cool and now you can maybe make the high heel goldfish shoes or maybe some boots. Coming in at number 2# 80s retro colors hot pink, neon green, neon yellow and bright ass blue. You know what I mean, the way they put the ratro colors together in the 80s was pretty ugly, it’s like they couldn’t help it. it seems as if the party is in the back in business in the front haircut clogged there brains. And now we are at number 1# that is none other than polka dots. Polka dots are so much fun they can bring outfit together or they can make you want to say left head blue lol it all depends on how you put it together! So people what would you bring to the future and why?