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Does and Don’t of Fashion

  • There’s a lot of people out there in the world, they might not  know how to put in outfit together? let alone pair with certain accessories, makeup, or put  outfits together which have no business coming together. If you know what I mean, Or you might had the experience,  yourself, not knowing what to wear, or how to do it?  And you could use a little T I C in that area.  if you’re needing some tips on what to do & what not to do? and how to do?. you have came to the right place. We came up with a few does and don’t. But this is also includes different body frames and shapes, different clothing can look better or worse on different shapes and body frame….. So say you’re walking down the street,  you see this girl walking down in nice pencil skirt, she’s tall and then and beautiful! so you likening her skirt, you think “I want to go out and buy that same skirt”. but you being five foot one have no clue!…. there, Right there is your mistake, you thinking that that same skirt would be all right for your body frame? but rush to go get and see it is not the same, so you never wear it. “But if you hike that pencil skirt up a little bit(about a 1/2 inch ) and use a waist belt too to hide the access Clothing material, you can definitely make it work for you! And save some money! It’s better Then it having to set in a closet, and you not being able to wear it!.  Another example is the standard red lipstick which is a beautiful color. but you cannot have loud makeup with the red lipstick it makes you look like a clownfish! if you wear red lipstick, don’t go heavy on the eye makeup. Or you might have a dinner date, you don’t know quite what to wear, or  how to do your makeup & hair ? Settle with an oversized t-shirts, which looks good on most sizes and shapes. thigh high boots,  and a high ponytail. Fashion should not make you frustrated, it should be fun! it also makes you feel amazing!  you should show your self-expression. Sometimes you can do so with fashion….. So folks give me a heads up of what you think? or anything else you would like to add,,,, do’s and don’t or let us know if  you think differently  follow us on social http::// and like us on  Facebook

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Coffee & fashion anyone?

So let’s get right into it, when I wake up in the morning I thought to myself, “I’m a need some coffee cause I need a pick me up to tackle the world and get these kids dressed and ready to go, so I’ll be needing a little pick-me-up ( coffee) on top of that, I don’t have a clue what I’m about to wear, so let’s just start right there. Hints the name (fashion & coffee any one?)…. I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world that has this morning problem, more so a dilemma? so here are 5 fashion outfits that I’m sure take you to a winning ” I don’t have much time as I thought in the morning but ill have a beautiful day-day!” So we thought of it for you, so you don’t have to 1# first up we have one of my favorite classic can’t go wrong here or can you T-shirt and Jeans I prefer a v-neck and skinny Jeans paired with a nice tennis shoes Chuck’s, vans or J’s.. coming in at #2 is pencil skirt and a long sleeve button up cotton shirt, for accessories a long necklace and a few bracelets add a pair of sandals or 4 to 6 inch heels or some ankle boots for a more sporty look. number 3# coming in hot for the spring semester we have a high-waisted shorts (lol) 2finger length strap tank top accessories add hoop earrings with some thigh high boots or tennis shoes. know we are at number 4# we have a long sleeve form fitting long black dress accessories a pair of stud earrings or hoops with the half jacket or leather jacket add sandals…. And now we have something interesting for last number 5# is in oversized t-shirt and some shorts. With some nice thigh high boots accessories a joker necklace and a puff jacket purse. And I say interesting because it looks so amazing on a beautiful women that she becomes more interesting to you… So that includes our morning breakfast, I hope you had a great morning with coffee and fashion with CGE, what do some you guys do for your morning routines? also what are some of your dues and don’t in your fashion repertoire? let me know people #GoodVibes