this is coming to us from a fallow viewer…. So I’m a City girl, born and raised in New York City. Its fabulous out here I love it! I’m right down the street from Central Park! My family is out here, I have lots of friends, few associates. That being said, they just love to be in your business. they want to know “how have you been? and “what you been up to”? And do you have a man yet? Like life is not not hard enough, you have to add a man in the equation. I let them know “no I’m still single”. But me really not wanting to continue being alone, day after night. I agree to this blind date that they offered is with one of their co-workers. which I already knew was a red flag, you don’t want to take to someone from work even if it is not your place of work. They assure me that it will be great just  be optimistic they say, So I say okay. All day I been just worrying about this blind-date! im like, are they going to like me? I’m i going to like them? will I be attracted? What will i wear? Because I have one dress in my hole wardrobe one. I had to ask for help from one of my good friends. You think being in the fashion capital I would know what to look for but I don’t. So she takes me out to a few shops I try on so many clothes for her and I’m not likeing nothing I’m trying on. But finally we get to this red dress, it’s a rap dress. She comes back to my apartment with me and helps me get dress. She does my make up hair. I kinda feel like she was doing my makeup how she does hers. I felt like a broke down 80s accident. But I still have the courage to go on this date, I get the restaurant and I’m waiting on him. Al most an hour later he shows up. We talk I’m thinking that we kind of hitting it off, good conversation, but at the end he tells me to give him a moment, he needs to use the restroom. so I do, and I’m sitting there, and I’m sitting there. I looked at the clock and I noticed that I have been sitting here at least an hour. I get up to check the bathroom, he is nowhere to be found. He Just dipped out on me. and left me with the bill, this is the last time I let a friend or family hook me up, so embarrassing. Let me know what would you do? Or do you have a style story of your on?

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