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this comes from a good friend of mine who would like to remain anonymous  and ask if  i can wright about her experience for her. that being said lets get on with it. so I’m not much of fashion person, I’m just a regular girl! I Grow up in Kentucky, you can just imagine all the intense fun we have in Kentucky!…. Not …. But really it’s pretty slow here, but it’s home! I did a radio contest and I won. which is pretty cool because, I never won anything before. It was a trip to Florida, Miami I was so excited! I get to go on a trip farther than the Piggly wiggly down the street. I asked my best friend to come with, she is always a good time. Of course she said “yes” so we saved money for the trip, we also  wanted to get a makeover when we made to Florida, because there’s not much options in Kentucky. So the day of the flight we we’re going to arrive in Miami, take nap, then head out to the salon for make up and hair, which I never been to a salon before, so I can’t wait to get this done.  now at this point are flight is coming in , we get to the hotel and  take are nap, then we get up from that and head too the salon. we wanted to be done up! that’s why we made the Appointment the same day we arrival. We get there and I love my new look! it was so great! I loved every minute of it! We get in outfit because we are going to enjoy Miami nightlife. And let me tell you, it is so much fun! we had a lit time. We drank and danced the night away. I love my outfit I was feeling my self dancing with this super hot boy. he had turquoise blue eyes, blond hair,ripped just beautiful! this hole time I’m talking to him also enjoying my drink,  and the hole time, the hole time I’m talking to him… my tit was out! and he never said anything…. Like okay! for real! nothing!…. Nothing at all! This has been a real #fashionover let me Know how you feel about this story? or what you would do in this situation? or do you have a story of your on? 

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