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Black is Beautiful!

Black History Month this Fab, i hade to show Black fashion, its here and ther is not enough light on this subject soooooo  here we go baby! , this a is very important to know fashion is in international thing and people need to see that! 2COLDFASHION.COM A PLACE 2 GO FOLLOW & LIKE US ON SOCIAL [email protected] [email protected] THIS is presented by BlackExcellist 10 Pioneering Black Fashion Designers ——————————————— RECOMMENDED READING * Becoming by Michelle Obama — * The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People — * Billionaire Branding: Hip Hop’s Cash Kings — Business Inquiries, Sponsorships, & Collaborations [email protected] Support the Movement w/$25 * CashApp: $blackexellist ———————————————- SUBSCRIBE TODAY… ———————————————- Music Credit: Silent Partner – Capital Info Sources:,,, ——————————————— Today we celebrate the impact made by African American fashion designers who are often overlooked in an industry where they makeup only 1%. Black designers rose to prominence in the 1940’s and have struggled for recognition and respect in the fashion world. However, the value of diversity is increasingly being recognized and the work of black fashion designers is becoming more creative, more inclusive, and more varied as both an art form and an industry. As we feature this list of fashion pioneers, we hope to enliven the conversation about historic and ongoing issues of diversity within the fashion industry. Nonetheless, we also want to take the opportunity to honor the creative talents of these pioneers and innovators who have helped shape the course of fashion. —————————————————– BLACKEXCELLIST.COM We are the largest community of Black Excellence Enthusiasts in the world. We celebrate Black Excellence, Opulence, and Affluence as we enlighten and inspire you. #blackexcellence #blackexcellist #fashiondesign


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Dope jeans?

Jeans are my number one go to outfit. I’m not sure, but I think alot of people enjoy wearing jeans as well. I mean I would like to think so anyway, but that being said, there’s a few dope jeans and a lot of options when it comes to jeans. you wouldn’t think so but there is. yes some styles are more popular than others, there are also some jeans you can find easier than others, but nevertheless I will give you a few of my favorite jeans. So let’s get into it in, starting the the countdown at number 5# is relaxed jeans, these jeans are slightly baggy, they remind you of the cigarette jeans but more comfortable. I like to make them tighter around my ankles. You can dress them up or dress it down. At number four 4# are boyfriend jeans these are also very comfortable they have a loose fit they’re straight lege some come with a cuff on the Hem. Wear it with a nice sweater or button up. Coming in at number #3 are jeggings, jeggings are extremely comfortable, jeans & leggings came together and had a baby and calcal it jeggings. They come in most size fits all, are most because of course they are stretchy and with the appearance of jeans. some come with pockets or no pockets or painted on pockets. You can wear with heels or tennis shoes, dress them up or down. Let the countdown continue at number #2 are bell bottoms jeans these are fitted jeans that are loose at the bottom they where very popular in the 70’s and made a return in the early 2000s but in my none fad fashion I still Rock my bell bottom. Last but certainly not least at #1 are high waisted skinny jeans, these are form fitted jeans they come up to your belly button, you can dress them up for a more high fashion look or down for more casual look a pair where well with almost anything. so there is our countdown of my top five jeans what are yours? and what would you pair it with? and why?