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“Watch my shoes”

So a few days ago I was riding the train in LA, because sometimes I rather take the train and leave the car at the park and ride. it was a beautiful glorious morning in California, and I was in my red blazer high-waisted jeans and in my kickabitch Boots…. so here I am minding my business in my beautiful #Goodvibes mood in all it’s beauty. But as Im waiting for my stop it’s starting to get crowded where I was sitting, so I stood up and I tried to move closer to the door. While I was walking I accidentally stepped on a pair of fresh white j’s, now at this time I’m like “o man please don’t hurt me”.. I felt so bad, I also know how some people like to feel when you step on there brand new shoes. There going to have a issue, let alone some fresh whites. at this point it has gotten quiet and he is looking down at his shoes slowly looking up at me with his mouth open. I can see by the expression on his face he wanted to say so much. so so much, and he did with his eyes. but I proceeded to apologize repeatedly to avoid any conflict the passenger on the train.. and mind you I am truly truly empathetic for him because it seems like he was feeling himself in these white shoes! I Can honestly say people, he didn’t say much but have his mouth wide open at me I can tell you he wanted fight and take esh…with the expression he had on his face. But at the same time he looks like he was conflicted by it also being stepped on by a beautiful woman it was like a rock and a hard place lol…. at the same time when everything was wrapping up my stop is coming up, so I proceeded to walk off the train, he stayed on. then train proceeded to its next destination.. and that is the time I accidentally put my footprint on some fresh white j’s. this is another one Fashion Forward Goodvibes? Lol let me know if you had a similar experience? Or has it happened to you? how did it make you feel? Or how did it not make you feel? hit me people…


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Back to the Future

  • I’d I like to take a minute and acknowledge all the blast from the past!…. That being said here are a few fashionable looks I’d bring back to the future, #5 Bigbows so I chose bigbows because they are Great! yes they did abuse the big bows in the 80s ha lol. It was on everything it was like 10 bows on one outfit, and they were big gigantic ones that turned the outfit into too much really fast. But besides that, a big bow in your hair or maybe one on your outfit depending on where can make it pop! it can really take your outfit to the moon and back. At number#4 is shoulder pads, shoulder pads because I really like them in some outfits, in the 80s they had them all over and in every outfit that definitely should never ever, ever have shoulder pads but they did! But in a nice pencil dress with some sharp shoulders, it will bring your outfit to that’s nice too a night stravaganza! Number #3 is men’s pimp slip on loafers with a fish in side from the 70s. The fact that they were pimp shoes originally is pretty… shall we say different, to say the least. But the fact that you get a take your buddy everywhere you go your goldfish is pretty cool and now you can maybe make the high heel goldfish shoes or maybe some boots. Coming in at number 2# 80s retro colors hot pink, neon green, neon yellow and bright ass blue. You know what I mean, the way they put the ratro colors together in the 80s was pretty ugly, it’s like they couldn’t help it. it seems as if the party is in the back in business in the front haircut clogged there brains. And now we are at number 1# that is none other than polka dots. Polka dots are so much fun they can bring outfit together or they can make you want to say left head blue lol it all depends on how you put it together! So people what would you bring to the future and why?
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Exclusive Fashion

If you could buy anything  you wanted as far as fashion, what would it be? Or do you even know what you would like? High exclusive fashion also known as haute couture -which is exclusive clothing made with high-quality material. Most of the world’s top designers are based out of France Italy, Europe and the UK. But is fashion worth your soul? I don’t think so but those shoes are sweet… So now we’re going to hit the door running with number one #1 is Burberry which is a luxury brand based out of London ,England they develop sunglasses fragrances, trench coat, sunglasses, outerwear, cosmetics and handbags. Now we’re taking you two number two #2 Valentino witches an Italian fashion designer Valentino Giovanni. He is known for their fabric shade “Valentino red” where he makes beautiful dresses from. Next on the list coming in at number three #3 Dolce & Gabbana which is another Italian based fashion. they manufacture variety of items such as, jewelry, watches handbags, sunglasses, footwear, perfumes and cosmetics. And at number #4 is none other than Christian Dior. Which is more commonly known as Dior is a luxury brand based out of France they were founded in Paris they manufacture jewelry, handbags, cosmetics, fragrances footwear, cosmetics and more pacifically women’s clothing. So let’s get to number five #5Hermes they are a high fashion luxury brand, they are brand based out of France In their history they are also known for spinning for decades. they are known for the world’s most expensive and exclusive handbags, but They also manufacture je jewelry, ready to wear women’s and men’s clothing, sunglasses, small leather accessories, homeware and fragrances. So what do you think about our list of luxury exclusive wear in fashion would you want to go get it or would you wear any of these brands I know I would. Let me know which one is your favorite? Or would you like to add to the list? #GoodVibes people




this is coming to us from a fallow viewer…. So I’m a City girl, born and raised in New York City. Its fabulous out here I love it! I’m right down the street from Central Park! My family is out here, I have lots of friends, few associates. That being said, they just love to be in your business. they want to know “how have you been? and “what you been up to”? And do you have a man yet? Like life is not not hard enough, you have to add a man in the equation. I let them know “no I’m still single”. But me really not wanting to continue being alone, day after night. I agree to this blind date that they offered is with one of their co-workers. which I already knew was a red flag, you don’t want to take to someone from work even if it is not your place of work. They assure me that it will be great just  be optimistic they say, So I say okay. All day I been just worrying about this blind-date! im like, are they going to like me? I’m i going to like them? will I be attracted? What will i wear? Because I have one dress in my hole wardrobe one. I had to ask for help from one of my good friends. You think being in the fashion capital I would know what to look for but I don’t. So she takes me out to a few shops I try on so many clothes for her and I’m not likeing nothing I’m trying on. But finally we get to this red dress, it’s a rap dress. She comes back to my apartment with me and helps me get dress. She does my make up hair. I kinda feel like she was doing my makeup how she does hers. I felt like a broke down 80s accident. But I still have the courage to go on this date, I get the restaurant and I’m waiting on him. Al most an hour later he shows up. We talk I’m thinking that we kind of hitting it off, good conversation, but at the end he tells me to give him a moment, he needs to use the restroom. so I do, and I’m sitting there, and I’m sitting there. I looked at the clock and I noticed that I have been sitting here at least an hour. I get up to check the bathroom, he is nowhere to be found. He Just dipped out on me. and left me with the bill, this is the last time I let a friend or family hook me up, so embarrassing. Let me know what would you do? Or do you have a style story of your on?

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this comes from a good friend of mine who would like to remain anonymous  and ask if  i can wright about her experience for her. that being said lets get on with it. so I’m not much of fashion person, I’m just a regular girl! I Grow up in Kentucky, you can just imagine all the intense fun we have in Kentucky!…. Not …. But really it’s pretty slow here, but it’s home! I did a radio contest and I won. which is pretty cool because, I never won anything before. It was a trip to Florida, Miami I was so excited! I get to go on a trip farther than the Piggly wiggly down the street. I asked my best friend to come with, she is always a good time. Of course she said “yes” so we saved money for the trip, we also  wanted to get a makeover when we made to Florida, because there’s not much options in Kentucky. So the day of the flight we we’re going to arrive in Miami, take nap, then head out to the salon for make up and hair, which I never been to a salon before, so I can’t wait to get this done.  now at this point are flight is coming in , we get to the hotel and  take are nap, then we get up from that and head too the salon. we wanted to be done up! that’s why we made the Appointment the same day we arrival. We get there and I love my new look! it was so great! I loved every minute of it! We get in outfit because we are going to enjoy Miami nightlife. And let me tell you, it is so much fun! we had a lit time. We drank and danced the night away. I love my outfit I was feeling my self dancing with this super hot boy. he had turquoise blue eyes, blond hair,ripped just beautiful! this hole time I’m talking to him also enjoying my drink,  and the hole time, the hole time I’m talking to him… my tit was out! and he never said anything…. Like okay! for real! nothing!…. Nothing at all! This has been a real #fashionover let me Know how you feel about this story? or what you would do in this situation? or do you have a story of your on? 

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Keep the outfit alive

I think this had to just be one of those days for me. But anyway it was a sunny day in Pasadena, CA and I been hanging out with some friends over the weekend, we where doing all kinds of things such as shopping, movies going to the beach, just having a good time with each other. We have not seen each other in awhile. So we where really living it up, it was such a good time. All that being said we had in event to go to later Saturday night. So we went shopping together to find in outfit to wear for the event later on  that night. We went to a few stores but I didn’t manage to find anything. I’m very picky when it comes to what I like to wear, but finally at the last store we went to. I found this beautiful grey dress long sleeve turtleneck. I paired it with a beautiful turquoise necklace and some brown furry boots. When I tell you I was feeling myself, and confidence was through the roof. I felt like a million bucks. but right as were getting in the car my friend handed me a jar of coconut oil. Just a little jar, she just got done using it. But as I’m sitting down in the car, we are taking off going down the freeway. that little jar of coconut oil is slightly opened. and it spilled on top of my brand new gray dress. But I did not notice until we got out of the car and we were already at the event. So as we get out the car, I’m noticing that the coconut oil was slightly opened. And that it spilled on top of my dress…. I was so hurt, I really did not want to go in but I knew I had to make an appearance. so I took the coconut oil and Bloch it all over the dress turning it into a design. I gathered myself and walked in there like I own the place and that dress, cuz I did on the dress lol… no one even noticed, but I did. And that is how I had to keep my outfit alive. so people have you ever had this experience before? or what do you think about the experience?and what would you do?

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Dope jeans?

Jeans are my number one go to outfit. I’m not sure, but I think alot of people enjoy wearing jeans as well. I mean I would like to think so anyway, but that being said, there’s a few dope jeans and a lot of options when it comes to jeans. you wouldn’t think so but there is. yes some styles are more popular than others, there are also some jeans you can find easier than others, but nevertheless I will give you a few of my favorite jeans. So let’s get into it in, starting the the countdown at number 5# is relaxed jeans, these jeans are slightly baggy, they remind you of the cigarette jeans but more comfortable. I like to make them tighter around my ankles. You can dress them up or dress it down. At number four 4# are boyfriend jeans these are also very comfortable they have a loose fit they’re straight lege some come with a cuff on the Hem. Wear it with a nice sweater or button up. Coming in at number #3 are jeggings, jeggings are extremely comfortable, jeans & leggings came together and had a baby and calcal it jeggings. They come in most size fits all, are most because of course they are stretchy and with the appearance of jeans. some come with pockets or no pockets or painted on pockets. You can wear with heels or tennis shoes, dress them up or down. Let the countdown continue at number #2 are bell bottoms jeans these are fitted jeans that are loose at the bottom they where very popular in the 70’s and made a return in the early 2000s but in my none fad fashion I still Rock my bell bottom. Last but certainly not least at #1 are high waisted skinny jeans, these are form fitted jeans they come up to your belly button, you can dress them up for a more high fashion look or down for more casual look a pair where well with almost anything. so there is our countdown of my top five jeans what are yours? and what would you pair it with? and why?

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Modellan anyone?

Tyra Banks the supermodel is coming together with Mall’s/ operator Macerich and other investor are making in amusement park. In my point of view  I expect  model land to be lit, such as I get  to  rub on some furry walls and riding supermodel bumper cars and passing real life matacanes in their poses wearing Chic clothing! This should be where you definitely get some fashion tips and free clothes and makeup. definitely I feel you should be dressed to the nines, I mean it’s modelland and I’m digging the positive body conscious energy that she’s trying to bring to the table. but we’ll see when it’s open what kind of vibes does it give hopefully #positivevibes. I never thought I see the day when models get an amusement park! I think it’s a pretty clever idea celebrating body positivete and representing different types of body figures. Because there’s so much more than just tall and thin women in the world. I also like that it is in a great location California Santa Monica. Where nine out of 10 there is way more sunny days then rainy. There is also a big gay community in Santa Monica and I’m sure they will be attending and letting us know how they feel in all their rainbow Glory. But will it ba okay for the little ones? Or will it be to much? Some people don’t want to expose their children to any and everything, will it be too much for them? I’m not sure? But nevertheless it’s coming and it will be in California & New York, fashion capital. we are living in different times were different aspects of us are being more accepted. such as wide hips, big body, short women, tall bodies, freckles and scars are being more and more accepted in the mainstream. which I think is beautiful and it’s about time! But do you think about this amusement park what would you like to see there? Would you even go or not speak to me my loves…. This has been I real one # GoodVibs